It is a prerequisite for entry to the Academy’s Examinations that a Candidate must be a Registered Student.


To be eligible for registration as a Student a person must fulfill to the satisfaction of the Academy on the following conditions:
(i) Be over 15 years of age
(ii) Satisfy the Academy’s entry requirements
(iii) Aspiring to be self-employed as an entrepreneur in business, industry or Commerce
(iv) Be a full-time student on an approved course of entrepreneurship, business management , etc.


An application for registration must be made on the Academy’s form for that purpose.
The application must be accompanied by documentary evidence of educational qualifications held (Certified copies of Certificates etc) and letters of confirmation of educational status from the educational institution if undertaking a course of professional studies. Applications on the basis of Professional Experience only are required to provide acceptable written confirmations (from employers etc) of the details, dates and places of their Professional Experience.


Fees are payable in relation to studentship of the Academy as follows:
(i) On application, a Registration Fee as stated on the form of Application for Studentship currently in use.
(ii) Annually on 1st January, a subscription to retain the Studentship.
(iii) The Annual subscription shall be determined by the Council.

Students are not entitled to any voting rights nor may they describe or represent themselves as being Associate Members of the Academy or use any designator letters or description in connection therewith so as to imply Associate or Fellow Membership of the Academy.

Students are required to sign an undertaking (indicated in the Application Form for studentship) that they observe the Articles, Constitution and Regulations of the Academy as they related to Students: Any breach thereof or other misconduct renders a student liable to disciplinary measures which could include withdrawal of His or Her Student Registration.

The Academy’s examinations are structured into five levels and each level consists of five subjects. The levels are as follows:

  1. Foundation Level
  2. Professional Level 1
  3. Professional Level 2
  4. Professional Level 3
  5. Professional Level 4